QuickPivot Enables Personalized, Interactive Buyer Journeys

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 7.02.31 AMThe Problem: More marketers are striving to stand out against competitors by offering more targeted and personalized content and interactions. However, it is sometimes challenging to decipher the plethora of data coming in about prospects, and leverage these insights to tailor experiences.

The Solution: QuickPivot is a multichannel marketing solution provider positioned to help marketers to produce contextualized content throughout the buying cycle — which can enhance brand reputation and customer lifetime value. QuickPivot is designed to help users conceptualize and quickly create personalized experiences, as well as react and engage customers with the right offers, at the right times in real-time during their buying journey.

QuickPivot’s features are designed to enable users to segment customers quickly so they can connect with them exactly the way they prefer, and adapt in real-time before, during and after a purchase. The platform is designed to let users listen, connect, learn, and adapt to customer behavior — keeping marketers at the same pace as the customer’s journey. The solution is also positioned to eliminate campaign planning flowcharts. Everything is easily reviewed for approval by the most detail-driven marketing analyst, or the executive suite.

The Perks: QuickPivot integrates into most marketing automation tools to extend functionality and data handling, and offers more than 160 product APIs matching virtually every service available in the user interface.



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