Wistia Helps Accelerate Video Creation And Deployment

WistiaThe Problem: In 2015, 52% of marketers will increase their video efforts, with nearly half taking the responsibility in-house, according to a recent Wistia survey. As more marketers become tasked with developing video content, they will need to learn how to develop effective content as well as measure the impact and ROI of the videos they have created.

The Solution: Wistia is a web-based professional video hosting solution designed to help businesses effectively market their products and services in a more engaging and interactive manner. The video solution provides a variety of resources to upload, organize, customize, track and measure the impact of video. In addition to video hosting, analytics and marketing tools, Wistia has a library of educational resources to help marketers learn the ins-and-outs of creating great video content.

The Perks: The Wistia Free Plan allows marketers to upload and host 50 videos while offering state-of-the-art analytic measurement tools that provide insight into how viewers are watching and engaging with each video. The Wistia Learning Center also touts valuable tips and best practices for marketers as they embark on their unique video creation and deployment journeys.



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