Infographic: 5 Things Every Vendor Can Do To Build Stronger Partner Relationships

Channel partner relationships can be complicated. With everyone working towards the same goal from a different perspective, it can lead to misunderstandings, disagreements and, on occasion, complacent attitudes….all of which have a negative impact on partner relationships.

However, even with the most difficult channel partner relationship, five imperatives emerge that can ensure better partnerships between vendors, resellers and distributors.

  • Listen: Survey your channel and competition to enhance programs.
  • Educate: Involve cross functional teams in channel meetings to educate parties in all aspects of the channel program.
  • Services: Making it easy for partners to understand and partake in programs is a critical success factor.
  • Ask The Partner: Use CRM/PRM to record and monitor information. Generate a reseller heat map to visually capture data and manage appropriate changes.
  • Make It Work: Align vendor goals with channel operations. Making it work requires understanding, automation and driving end-to-end relationships.
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