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WorkSpan Announces General Availability of Its Marketing Network Solution

WorkSpan has announced that its new marketing network which enables vendors and their partners to rapidly execute joint marketing programs is now generally available. The company, which was founded in 2015, introduced the network in an early availability program that included SAP, Intel, CenturyLink and Infosys.

“Companies need to engage with thriving ecosystems of partners to make themselves strategic and valuable for their ecosystem,” said WorkSpan CEO and founder Mayank Bawa. The new network “makes joint work with partners visible, accountable, innovative and impactful at scale.”

The WorkSpan network features a security model that enables partners to see only those funds, campaigns and content to which they’ve been given explicit access. It supports cross-company marketing processes for funding, activities and content approvals that require collaborative workflows.

WorkSpan says the network enhances visibility into status of activities, campaigns and content. It drives accountability for performance, budget, and joint project funding. And it accelerates proposing, approving and executing joint projects.

Its scalability enables vendors to syndicate successful campaigns to more partners across regions and industries.

WorkSpan also announced a $9 million series “A” funding round lead by Mayfield Fund. “We’re excited to partner with them to realize their vision of a Marketing Network that enables companies to unlock exponential potential in creating and shaping demand,” said Mayfield Managing Partner Navin Chaddha.



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