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Datto Expands MarketNow Channel Support Program with Four New Offerings

Datto, Inc. a leading provider of total data protection solutions, has expanded its MarketNow program with four new marketing concierge service packages. The service packages, all provided by Mindmatrix, the channel and sales enablement software company, target very specific partner profiles to better align marketing and sales support.

Datto launched MarketNow in June 2017. The program, which is also powered by Mindmatrix, was created to support all of Datto’s global partners with a sales enablement and marketing automation platform. Its MarketNow Concierge service, also launched last year, is a monthly-fee-for-service offering from Mindmatrix that provides partners with support for activities ranging from sending emails and editing landing pages to importing and organizing leads and sales assets.

According to Datto partner marketing manager Jessica Fleet, about 6,600 users representing almost 5,000 partners have engaged with the MarketNow program.  Partners who engaged with MarketNow reported a 26% gain in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) in 2017, said Fleet. Partners that ran at least one email campaign saw MRR climb an average of 29%. Partners who uploaded at least 500 contact into MarketNow saw a 35% increase. Partners who did not use the MarketNow programs saw an average MRR growth rate of only 15%.

Datto MarketNow logoThe four new concierge offerings, combined with MarketNow Concierge, provide Datto partners with a wide range of support. With MarketNow Essentials, Datto partners have access to a library of marketing materials including emails, landing pages, blog posts, and social media posts that is expanded every month.

MarketNow Concierge Plus was created for MSPs that don’t have the time or staff to run their MarketNow accounts and need additional coaching on marketing and sales. This program combines time-reducing tasks with personal advice on how partners can maximize their MarketNow account and marketing and sales efforts.

MarketNow Concierge Elite provides partner marketing teams with access to customized and additional original content. This plan provides training and support so marketing teams can take full advantage of the marketing automation and sales enablement tools in MarketNow.

MarketNow Concierge Enterprise offers the flexibility for partners to customize their MarketNow portal and experience. It is ideal for companies who need more options to run and support their own channel marketing and sales efforts.

Partner response to the expanded offering has been positive, said Fleet. “In our state-of-the-channel MSP report, we found that for most of our partners the biggest struggle from a business perspective is sales and marketing.” There is “definitely a big appetite” for the free and new fee-for-service packages now being offered, she said.