SproutLoud Launches Customized Marketing Analytics Dashboards

SproutLoud, a leading SaaS-based through-channel marketing automation platform provider, has added customized marketing analytics dashboards as an integral part of its comprehensive solution. The ability to customize dashboards allows brands to quickly access relevant data about their distributed marketing efforts with partners, retailers, dealers, agents, distributors and franchisees who sell their products in local markets.

Brands can use SproutLoud’s dashboards to identify which of their partners are participating in co-op advertising campaigns. They can also see which digital or traditional marketing tactics partners invested funds to execute in local markets. Quick access to precise information about partner engagement and local marketing spend allows brands to make data-driven decisions in real time.

“You cannot manage what you don’t know,” said Anjan Upadhya, chief technology officer at SproutLoud. “SproutLoud analytics, with customizable dashboards, gives brands the flexibility and freedom they need to benchmark, explore and analyze data, so they can focus their local marketing spend on what works.”

SproutLoud analytics is also simplifying other aspects of the data-gathering process. The platform features embedded guides, including videos and data dictionaries, that walk brand marketers through the meaning of each piece of data and what they can do with it. This allows brand marketers to efficiently pinpoint the information they need and share relevant results with regional managers and key decision makers. By selecting parameters for dashboard customization, brand marketers can opt to compare spend on multiple campaigns or multiple tactics, focusing on the brand’s entire partner network or zeroing in on a specific tier, region or class of partners.

“At SproutLoud, we understand analytics is not a one-size-fits-all solution,” said SproutLoud Product Manager Sandra Gomez. “Our customized analytics dashboards allow you to explore local marketing data in any way that best fits the strategy and goals of your brand and the makeup of your partner network.”