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Spring Release Of TIE Kinetix’s FLOW Platform Offers Enhanced Capabilities To Optimize Personalization

TIE Kinetix, a partner automation solutions provider, has added a number of new features and capabilities to its FLOW platform to optimize and personalize the partner and supplier journey. With its Spring Release, FLOW enables portal administrators to more efficiently and efficiently present partners with a personalized portal experience and optimize with-and through-channel marketing and sales processes.

Enhancements to FLOW Supply support greater document and system integration with channel and trading partners. FLOW Reporting & Analytics enhancements provide deeper access to data generated by TIE Kinetix’s Google Ads for the Channel tool.

“Our constant focus is on making the platform easier to use,” said Patrick van Boom, CMO at TIE Kinetix, “so users can focus on getting the most from it.” That’s especially true for partners, he added. “Partners now have more capabilities to customize the portal to their needs. But at the end of the day, if it’s not super easy for partners to use, they will not use it.”

Requiring vendors to train partners on how to use a portal is not an efficient use of their time, van Boom continued. “Do I need three days to teach someone how the platform works or is the platform intuitive so you can use those hours to actually generate demand and revenue?” he said. With the Spring Release, brands and partners are offered a platform that can help them “get more action, more leads, more deals and bring the cost down.”

New Configuration Module Supports Customization

With the Spring Release, TIE Kinetix has made a long list of enhancements to its platform. For example, vendors now have a configuration module to customize and brand the entire FLOW portal. Vendor admins can manage their portal subscription page, portal branding and portal look-and-feel. They can create and apply their own stylesheet (CSS) to the portal, manage standard portal themes and navigation configuration for partners, and manage company logos used in email notifications to accommodate their branding. “It’s incredibly easy to completely rebrand a portal in a matter of almost minutes,” said van Boom.

To support more personalized views for partners, admins can now manage options for which projects partners can see and determine which page or module of the portal partners will land on after login.

The business and notification engine has been upgraded too. For example, any FLOW action and activity can now be used to create and trigger business rules. In the Campaign Center, the addition of new content by the admin will trigger notifications in the portal for relevant users that new content is available. Emails can now be scheduled using the business rules engine to automatically schedule and send notifications to selected users, including groups.

The Flow Demand capabilities have been enhanced to extend personalization of all assets and content items, including an option to download source files. Partner management capabilities have been enhanced including extended partner profile configuration. Partners now have the ability to accept or reject leads assigned to them by the vendors on the platform. They can also select either the Flow view of opportunity management of a Salesforce view.

Google Ads For Channel Enhanced

The Spring Release includes a number of enhancements related to TIE Kinetix’s exclusive relationship with Google. Announced last year, the program is designed to help participating companies maximize the amount of leads and business through channel partners.

In the Spring Release, the admin interface for Google Ads for Channel was redesigned to increase ease of use. The tool can also support parallel accounts for multiple campaigns. In addition FLOW now supports detailed call reporting for Google Ads campaigns, and conversion details are now visible in the 360 Dashboard.

More information about the Spring Release can be found here.