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Zift Creates Strategic Partner Program To Offer Ecosystem Of Agencies, Applications, Services Providers

Zift Solutions, an enterprise channel management provider, has launched a new strategic partner program to connect its customers to an ecosystem of agencies, applications, and service providers.

Current and new Zift Solutions customers will be able to choose from a menu of agency, technology, and service providers, such as AchieveUniteBombora, and Televerde, to enhance their channel programs and operations. The program is built on and supported by ZiftONE, a platform that connects and simplifies channel sales, marketing, and operations for indirect sales organizations. Zift introduced the ZiftONE platform earlier this year

Agency partners, such as Televerde, specialize in creating content, campaigns, and educational courses optimized for ZiftONE and designed to engage channel partners. They provide dedicated outreach, partner onboarding, and training services and can even run campaigns for partners from start-to-finish.

Technology partners, such as Bombora, improve marketing impact, help organizations use and profit from their data assets, and maximize the power of extended IT infrastructure. They provide leading-edge technology and applications to support specific initiatives, such as account-based marketing, social listening, data cleansing, and MDF management.

Like AchieveUnite, service partners help channel organizations expand into new geographies and industry verticals with custom development services, budgeting, and planning oversight, as well as offer partner tiering, program design and more for indirect sales organizations.

“Zift Solutions is proud to partner with select agencies, technology vendors, and service providers who believe in our vision of end-to-end enterprise channel management and can expand the reach, capacity, and revenue of our customer base,” said Gordon Rapkin, CEO of Zift Solutions.