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P2P Global, A Partner Collaboration Platform, Offers Sponsorship Program To Vendors

P2P Global, an open ecosystem and marketplace that enables collaboration among diverse partner and technology companies, has announced an offering for technology vendors. The Technology Partner Sponsor program enables vendors to distribute leads to their partners on the platform, collect referrals from any P2P Global-enrolled solution providers, and share information about their products and service and partner program.

The platform will also enable solutions providers to request project-related complementary services from vendors.

As platform sponsors, vendors have the opportunity to make their channel partners’ participation in the P2P Global marketplace more affordable. Depending on the level of sponsorship, vendors will cover the subscription costs of a fixed number of partners.

P2P Global suggests that vendors allocate a portion of their marketing development funds to cover the subscriptions costs. “Paying for partners’ P2P subscriptions with MDF is an excellent use of those resources,” said John Guido, CEO and founder of P2P Global. “On a per-partner basis, it’s a low-cost and low-touch activity that enables solution providers to participate in the growing market for joint partner projects.”

The P2P platform can be used as an extension of a vendor’s marketplace, according to P2P Global, and can be integrated into partner relationship management (PRM) platforms.

“The Technology Partner Sponsor program enables vendors to expand their channel partners’ ability to respond to opportunities with the vendor’s offerings,” said Guido. “It helps channel partners solve for skill gaps to address projects that integrate their offerings. It will certainly help vendors better retain and grow partnerships.”

Enabling Partner-With-Partner Collaboration

When first introduced, the P2P Global platform focused on enabling partner companies to more efficiently discover other appropriate partners with whom then can jointly collaborate or retain to support projects. It empowers partners to create and respond to complex IT projects, helping them to find firms with expertise in adjacent technologies, industry or segment specific experiences, or simply extra resources.

Likewise, the platform gives solution providers the opportunity to be identified as a company that meets the criteria other partners have listed as critical to supporting their specific projects.

Partners are increasingly seeking out other solutions providers to collaborate with them on projects. According to PartnerPath, a channel-focused consulting firm, more than a third of partners regularly collaborate with three to five other partners. Almost 20% regularly work with six to 10 partners.

More information about the Technology Partner Sponsor program is available here.



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