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Partner Empathy Boosts Engagement With Komprise Recruitment And Certification Program

Komprise, a leader in analytics-driven data management as a service, achieved record growth in 2020, despite the challenges of the pandemic. Contributing to the company’s growth was the onboarding of more than 50 new channel partners, and the technical training and certification of hundreds of partner employees through its expanded Komprise Konnect partner program.

The successful engagement of new partners and their employees was attributed to Komprise’s empathic outreach, said Mike Munoz, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer. “What I tell my people to do is consider the position that partners are in. They’ve got hundreds of organizations trying to get their mindshare every day. Everybody wants to be important to them. So, when you are getting somebody from a channel partner to spend some time with you and give you their energy, we’ve got to make it worth their while.”

Mike Munoz, Chief Revenue Officer, Komprise

To accomplish that, the company focused on compressing its content and taking steps to make it meaningful. “Partner organizations are trying to be expert on a million different technologies,” Munoz continues. “What we’re striving to do is help partners who are struggling to transition their businesses by helping them have easy conversations with their customer base about the new world, how to transition to the cloud and how to move and own data in that scenario.”

In addition to compressing content, Komprise was mindful of the different roles of attendees during partner onboarding or training sessions. As topics changed during  typically half day sessions, attendees were invited to break away if the content wasn’t relevant to their roles. “We’ll cover a lot of ground in a single session, but we try to make sure that people step in and step out as appropriate,” explained Munoz.

New Portal Eases Access To Tools, Training

Komprise has launched a new portal that makes it easier for partners to continue their training and access related materials as well as register opportunities and track their progress. A built-in TCO calculator allows partners to easily estimate how much their customers can save with Komprise. “We actually train them how to work with a prospect,” added Darren Cunningham, VP Marketing. “Partner can input their numbers right in the solution and show savings out of the gate.”

Darren Cunningham, VP Marketing, Komprise

Like many companies, Komprise is re-thinking it MDF program to enable more effective partner-initiated activity. “We’re more structure around it this year,” said Munoz. “It was accrual-based and wasn’t available to everybody but we’re trying to expand that now.”

Cunningham added that as the company transitions to all-digital marketing, it needs to explore new activities in which partners can participate. “It was pretty easy to do with channel partners who were more face-to-face oriented; want to do a live event or host a networking meeting. Now we have to get more creative with virtual events.”

Komprise is actively engaging with alliance partners and related marketplaces. “We’re doing joint marketing campaigns with AWS and Microsoft. They’ve been really strong partners,” said Cunningham. His team is also exploring ways to optimize search for Komprise in marketplace platforms. “The volume of traffic on a marketplace is much higher,” he said.