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Engagement Matters In How EPOS Tiers Partners In New Channel Program

EPOS, an audio technology company, has launched a new channel program that is tiered by revenue and engagement level to ensure optimal support of the individual partner’s key competencies, as well as its needs and growth potential.

The EPOS AMPLIFY program is enabled with a portal that is a go-to destination for necessary resources. In addition to giving access to all EPOS brand assets, the portal includes learning resources to enhance knowledge and skillset and sales enablement tools such as deal registration, special price support and market development funds.

The new program represents an aggregation of initiatives formerly run in multiple regions, explained Lars Rasmussen, Sr. Vice President of Global Sales. “We have almost two decades of experience in working with an indirect model, working with partners,” he said. “What we did in essence was leverage all of that knowledge we have, but we also combined it with actually having informal talks with some of our partners to get their feedback on what they wanted to see from the partner program, both now and in the future.”

The EPOS ecosystem is comprised of 6,000 partners globally. “We have traditional telecom type orientated channel partners, which historically has been serving the contact center market,” said Rasmussen. “Then with the evolution and introduction of unified communications, we also have built up a lot of IT-focused channel partners.”

Throughout the program, partners will be measured by their capabilities and engagement through a range of activities, and be rewarded for the focus and investments they make in working with EPOS. Depending on their commitment, the partner program features a relevant tiered system with a clear path of how to optimize the membership and progress beyond entry-level.

“Of course, we’re still looking at the revenue aspect,” said Rasmussen, “but we are also very much looking at the qualitative part. In other words, through the AMPLIFY Program, we are offering e-learning educational opportunities, and we really encourage our partners to participate in that in order to improve their ability, in a qualified way, to market and sell our products in the marketplace.”

EPOS offers a premium brand of wired and wireless devices and speakerphones. Rasmussen said the company is focusing on providing customers with the best device for their specific use case. “That’s critically important for our success in the marketplace.”