Channel Marketer Report


Gorilla Corporation Acquires Channel Marketing Platform Provider MarketingXpress

Gorilla Corporation, a global partner marketing technologies and services provider, has acquired MarketingXpress, a software company that specializes in building channel marketing platforms.

With the acquisition, Gorilla will enhance its current offerings with MarketingXpress’ through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) platform — Partner Pulse — to serve its customer base with a broader ecosystem and more advanced capabilities.

“We are absolutely thrilled with this acquisition,” said Carlo Tortora Brayda, CEO of Gorilla Corporation, in a press release. The MarketingXpress technology “is very well thought out, including its capabilities around partner recruitment and enablement. In addition, its existing and future artificial intelligence roadmap will place it into a league of its own.”

The acquisition of MarketingXpress fits into Gorilla’s strategy of developing a robust technology portfolio in the channel ecosystem. “Gorilla has always broken new ground with its innovations,” said Brayda. “The combination of Gorilla partner development service solutions coupled with this new technology, and our artificial intelligence partner enablement chatbot, is absolute dynamite.”

The Partner Pulse platform provides four major building blocks for improving marketing, sales, and partner performance including score-carding and reporting; partner recruitment and onboarding; co-marketing campaigns; and pipeline and lead management.

Channel partner enablement is effected through a natural language conversational chatbot, and backed by Gorilla’s marketing concierge native language global teams. APIs to Hubspot and Salesforce provide the flexibility and integrations partners require.

MarketingXpress’s CEO Maarten Elsenaar will join Gorilla as its new CTO, and will be accompanied by the MarketingXpress R&D and Engineering Team.