Channel Marketer Report


Zift Solutions Offers Virtual Event Campaign Tool To Integrate Webinar Experience

Zift Solutions, a provider of partner relationship management (PRM) software, has expanded the capabilities of its ZiftONE platform to enable vendors to promote webinars and other virtual events directly through their partners with registration attribution and lead tracking capabilities.

The new Virtual Event Campaign function creates standardized and co-brandable event promotions and the ability to integrate event-specific data with other data housed in ZiftONE. This measures the efficacy of events in lead generation and engagement.

In addition to empowering partners to promote suppliers’ events, the new capability enables partners to promote their own webinars with pre-packaged campaigns from suppliers. This allows companies to better syndicate and standardize customer training and appreciation events across various partners by sharing co-brandable emails and presentations.

“With the challenges of the past two years, many of our customers have embraced online events and webinars in a way they never have before,” said Gordon Rapkin, CEO of Zift Solutions. “ZiftONE Virtual Event Campaigns measure where registrations are coming from, create standardized and co-brandable event promotions, and integrate data that identifies and scores leads and tracks the buyers’ journey.”

All registrations from these events connect with Zift’s lead tracking capabilities, helping ZiftONE customers and their partners better identify highly engaged leads. The marketing campaigns directly integrate with both Zoom Pro and Cisco Webex, giving vendors and their partners options for how they host webinars.

Virtual Event Campaigns were rolled out to all ZiftONE customers as an integrated capability of the all-in-one platform and are included in Zift’s through partner marketing automation feature set with no additional licensing fee for new customers.