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Dropsuite Strives To Upgrade Channel Experience With New Partner Portal

Dropsuite, a cloud data backup and archiving platform, has launched a new partner portal to support partners globally and provide additional capabilities to its global network of IT solution providers, especially managed service providers (MSPs). The portal will enable partners’ visibility to all their customers under a single pane of glass, greatly enhancing their productivity and operational efficiency.

“‘Support for Success’ is one of Dropsuite’s core tenets – ensuring that the company responds to and exceeds our partners’ present and future needs,” said Dropsuite’s Head of Product, Ryan Nichols. “We are excited to announce a brand-new partner experience that will include updated dashboards and reporting and allow us to introduce many new features and utility for our partners in the coming years.”

The new partner portal provides MSPs with a purpose-built service center with increased user interface functionality and simplicity. New features include greater graphical data representation for dashboards and enhanced data filtration options for plans, subscriptions, organizations and features – all on a modern, cloud-native SaaS solution.

The portal will streamline onboarding with no infrastructure to maintain or support. Expanded features for group management, role accessibility, and license consumption/usage details mean that MSPs can quickly and efficiently scale customer needs up and down.

The portal also supports intelligent alerting and troubleshooting. New notifications and real-time visibility allow MSPs detailed visibility into customer health. Quicker troubleshooting through the new support ticket features elevates the customer journey and satisfaction.

A partner marketing resource center is being planned.