Channel Marketer Report

Topics Partners With Microsoft To Support ISV Sales In Azure, AppSource Storefronts, a software company offering solution providers a platform to remove friction in the B2B software buying and selling process, has entered a strategic partnership with Microsoft. The company will support independent software vendors (ISVs) scale revenue through the Microsoft commercial marketplace, which includes the storefronts Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource.

With Tackle’s no code platform for Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, sellers can launch, immediately sell, and grow with tools to manage a scaling Cloud Marketplace business. Tackle is working with Microsoft to allow for programmatic delivery of offers to the commercial marketplace, unlocking seamless scale for large sellers.

Through Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, ISVs have access to sell directly to millions of Microsoft customers through its storefronts and in-product experiences. The Tackle-Microsoft partnership will accelerate ISV’s success with the commercial marketplace and unlock new sales and go-to-market channels. 

“Buyers want to engage more digitally than ever before, and ISVs are looking for new ways to sell that address those expectations,” said John Jahnke, CEO at Tackle. “The Microsoft commercial marketplace offers solutions for sellers to meet their buyers where and how they want to buy. We have partnered with Microsoft since 2019 and are thrilled to evolve our relationship to enable continued platform innovation and help ISVs to scale their revenue with the commercial marketplace.” 

Tackle’s Cloud Marketplace Platform has powered many top-selling ISVs to accelerate and operationalize revenue generation through Microsoft commercial marketplace, said Charlotte Yarkoni, President, Commerce and Ecosystems at Microsoft. “Tackle’s continued investment in innovation and expertise in Microsoft, our programs, and our ecosystem makes them a great partner for any software company looking to establish a cloud go-to-market motion, including a scaling marketplace business, with Microsoft.”