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ZINFI Updates Channel Management Platform With Affiliate Marketing Management Solutions

ZINFI Technologies, a through-channel marketing automation and partner relationship management solutions provider, has launched a set of affiliate marketing management (AMM) solutions as a part of its unified channel management platform.

The newly released AMM capabilities will allow companies to promote their brands and drive referral and lead generation for their products and services via a globally distributed affiliate network. An increasing number of organizations are dealing with a hybrid network of partners, including non-transacting partners like consultants, influencers, and brand promoters, as well as transacting partners like resellers, distributors, and agents, noted ZINFI in a press release.

ZINFI’s UCM platform now includes the following AMM modules:

Marketplace – With this module, brands and vendors can create private and captive marketplaces to allow their ecosystem partners to provide end-to-end solutions for their customer base. The module also allows end-users and buyers to find a set of complementary partners to deploy simple to complex solutions.

Promotion Management – Promoting a brand to its audience is a core value-add an affiliate can bring to the organization. However, it is the brand that must create effective content and distribute it. This module allows affiliates to tap into the power of a distributed ecosystem offering effective marketing and sales promotions.

Referral Registrations – While brand promotion is a primary purpose of an affiliate network, measuring performance is critical to judge the effectiveness of affiliate segments and campaigns. This module enables registration of referrals as well as link referral tracking via Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM), both of which are critical for performance management and tracking.

Payment Management – While the job of the affiliate is to promote a brand effectively to its network via promotional campaigns and tools provided by the vendor, rewarding partners with financial remuneration is critical for the growth of a healthy profitable network. Tax management and payment management are core capabilities for this module.

“Our vision has always been to provide one platform with many logical automation points for various workflows that guide the partner journey through a vendor’s channel program,” said Sugata Sanyal, founder and CEO at ZINFI. “Our existing automated tools for managing partner onboarding, training, learning and other activities, coupled with our newly launched affiliate marketing management modules, will provide a singularly focused solution that organizations of any size can instantly deploy to manage a hybrid partner channel.”