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Harness The Power Of Persuasion: How Influencer Programs Boost Demand, Lead Generation

By Ellen Linkenhoker, Insights & Strategy Leader – Marketing Strategy, ITA Group According to Forrester, 71% of B2B shoppers reach selection at the end of the digital journey — without using traditional sales processes and demos. This means, if you’re a vendor, whether large, medium or small, you may have lost a deal without even […]

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ASG Engages Influencers To Help Early- Stage Buyers Understand Need, Make Case To Management

At the B2B Marketing Exchange in February, Jay McBain, Forrester’s Principal Analyst, Channels Partnerships and Ecosystems, said that channel programs must adjust to the “never-ending sales cycle” of recurring revenue, rather than continuing to rely on transactions that reward front-end and back-end margins. Recruiting and engaging networks of influencers will be critical, he said. In […]

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