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Running Your First Inbound Channel Marketing Campaign Using Social Media

You’ve probably heard a lot about social selling over the past few years. And although you may understand the value of social engagement, you may be thinking: My company doesn’t have the money or bandwidth to generate leads effectively via social media. Think you’re right? Actually, you’re dead wrong.

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Marketing Automation E-book: Best Practices For Marketing Excellence And Operational Efficiency

Although marketing automation can present a variety of benefits to B2B organizations, businesses must determine new workflows or processes to optimize their investments. To successfully implement new ways to track, manage and nurture accounts in the sales funnel, the demand generation team needs to be aligned with definitions of various lead stages as well as […]

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4 Simple Steps To Drive Channel Sales With Rules-Based Lead Distribution

A standard process for channel players is the passing of leads off to partners. However, without the proper infrastructure in place, this standard procedure could quickly become convoluted, leading to lost opportunities and sales.

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3 Steps To Successful Channel Partner Marketing: Working Collaboratively To Drive Sales

The average channel partner juggles between five and 13 vendor relationships, according to research from Zift Solutions. That is why it is no longer enough to simply register a channel partner. You must keep them engaged and educated, so they are empowered to drive ongoing revenue for your business.

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Why It’s Time To Take Your Channel Mobile

Vendors, suppliers, brands and associations rely on partner portals to share content marketing, sales assets and other vital information with value-added resellers, solution providers, system integrators (SI) and other partners. However, with fewer than 5% of partners using these portals on a consistent basis, organizations need a more successful strategy to connect and engage with […]

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Are Your Solution Providers Engaging? Channel Marketing In An Online World.

Channel Marketing, Co-Marketing, Field Marketing: whatever you call them, they always tend to be a challenge. How can you better help your Partners and truly see the value? Why don’t they use what you give them? How do we measure ROI from MDF? And yet we go on, producing the same resources without moving the needle. […]

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