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2017 Content Preferences Survey Report from Demand Gen Report

Chances are your partners are requesting more short-form assets from your marketing team. According to insights shared in the 2017 Content Preferences Survey Report from CMR’s sister publication, Demand Gen Report, a growing number of B2B buyers are doing their product shopping homework by skimming what might be considered the CliffsNotes of marketing materials.

Complaining they have less time to review the overwhelming amount of product and service information available to them today, buyers are showing a greater preference for shorter format brochures as well as on-demand audio and video.

And as their workday extends long-after they leave the office, the majority of buyers say they prefer mobile-optimized content they can access on a smartphone or tablet.

Last year, case studies were the most preferred asset. Next on the list of more valuable research documents were third-party/analyst reports and white papers.

More than anything else, B2B buyers want information that clearly describes a formula for success. Prescriptive content was the most popular among buyers. According to the annual survey, B2B shoppers want to “get right to the meat of content assets” to accelerate their buyer’s journey.

To learn more about the kind of content that could help boost the effectiveness of your through-partner marketing programs, download the full DGR report.

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