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SproutLoud Offers Localization Tools To Empower Channel Marketers

SproutLoud ProductsThe Problem: With local searches constituting 24% of all Google queries, and 45% of all Yelp searches happening on a mobile app, the interdependence of brands and local businesses is more evident than ever before. Businesses rely on brands for marketing resources and assets promoting the products and services that bring customers through the door. Brands rely on businesses to push those campaigns out to a pool of targeted, local clientele. So why is it so hard to bring these two together?

The Solution: It is not just about asset management and ad builders anymore; brands and businesses alike require intelligent solutions that simplify the marketing process, making it faster and easier to execute on local marketing plans. That’s where SproutLoud delivers. Whether it’s email or direct mail, PPC advertising, social media management, or local search optimization with online review monitoring, SproutLoud was designed to enable brands to provide their local marketers with high-quality branded assets and messaging.

More importantly, the SproutLoud platform helps local merchants take full advantage of process automation, triggered events and even dedicated Local Marketing Consultants. As a result, organizations can spend less time worrying about their marketing, and more time running their businesses. Full-feature analytics, tracking and reporting give brands the tools they need to pinpoint which partners and end users are participating in programs, identify trends in real time and take advantage of new market opportunities.

 The Perks: By focusing on streamlining the marketing process and offering dedicated support services, SproutLoud is helping companies improve marketing efforts by enabling brands and businesses to market to local consumers more effectively and efficiently.



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