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NetExam Empowers Channel Partners With Comprehensive Training Tools

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The Problem:
The Internet has provided channel partners a new ability to advocate and sell manufacturer products, but it has also created an environment where consumers are bombarded with a constant barrage of advertising messages. To stay relevant and stand out from competitors, channel partners must be on top of evolving customer needs and at the cutting-edge of the latest trends and technological developments.

The Solution: Certified channel partners are more likely to outperform those that do not have relevant training in revenue generation, customer satisfaction and brand advocacy. NetExam is a Learning Management System (LMS) designed specifically for the channel partner and manufacturer relationship. Using a variety of tools and solutions available within the system, manufacturers can train channel partners to keep pace with emerging trends and the evolving consumer markets across verticals.

Manufacturers can craft training programs that are personalized and scaled to unique company needs. A web conferencing technology allows clients to host classes online, while quizzes, exams, surveys and certifications also are delivered online. Students have a host of features available to them, including book recommendations, course rankings and transcripts.

To facilitate training and certification processes for partners worldwide, NextExam is available in 28 languages. Full integration with and Oracle Fusion also helps manufacturers to constantly track and stay up-to-date on which partners have completed training and certification programs. 

The Perks: NetExam provides an exhaustive list of educational resources that empower manufacturers to educate, certify and manage channel partners easily and efficiently from a single platform. Partners that complete training programs and courses instantly receive customized certification via email, which provides them with an additional incentive to continue to participate in courses. 





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