Kontera Content Discovery Aligns Resources To Buyer Preferences

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The Problem:
A successful content strategy combines an arsenal of unique E-books, white papers and infographics, as well as other curated industry-relevant articles and resources. To capture buyers’ eyes and dollars, vendors and their partners must ensure all content and information they share is relevant to customers’ and prospects’ unique wants and needs. 

The Solution: The Kontera Content Discovery solution examines content throughout the Internet to help social marketers, content teams and community managers identify trends to incorporate into their marketing strategies.

Using Big Data, Kontera Content Discovery identifies what content is being consumed within interest areas. This enables users to relate multiple topics and themes and perform complex analysis. The system provides a single dashboard for surfacing and ranking all relevant articles, videos, social posts and images. An integrated publishing feature allows users to quickly publish to major social platforms. The system also provides metrics, including views, sharing, trends and content popularity.

The Perks: Kontera Content Discovery allows content marketers and community managers to perform three key tasks:

  • Analyze what content is of interest to different target audiences, based off multiple interest areas and themes;
  • Discover which styles of content resonates with the user’s target audience, offering a single location to compare and contrast content effectiveness; and
  • Measure the overall effectiveness of the user’s content, including content views, shares and topic popularity.

The solution integrates with a number of social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is also compatible with many existing social marketing systems.



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