Seismic Helps Close The Content Gap With Channel Sales Teams

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The Problem: 
Content is the lifeblood of the sales process, but finding and using the right content for various selling situations can be difficult. As a result, many customer engagements miss the mark. This problem is exacerbated by indirect channel sales models, where partner sales reps handle products from multiple manufacturers and are loosely connected, at best, with their respective marketing teams.

The Solution: Seismic is an end-to-end sales enablement solution that is designed to increase sales productivity and marketing effectiveness. With a single software platform, marketing teams are positioned to create sales materials and make them accessible by sales reps on any device. Sales reps can customize materials and track how their prospects interact with them, which can help increase win rates and improve customer relationships.
Seismic recently introduced channel enablement features, including channel partner CRM integration and real-time analytics, in an effort to help strengthen communication and collaboration between suppliers’ marketing teams and resellers’ sales teams.
The Perks: Seismic is designed to help make channel sales teams more effective by delivering personalized collateral for the supplier at the right time during each stage of the client relationship. Co-branded portals are customized for each channel sales team without any IT intervention, which can help deliver targeted content and enhance two-way communication. Channel partner CRM integration surfaces contextually relevant supplier content to enhance applicability of content and ease-of-access.Seismic extends the reach of the supplier marketing team by creating, maintaining and evolving content more efficiently. Real-time analytics show how content is being used by each of the channel sales teams to quickly adapt content for each selling situation. Re-usable content assets can be updated once and made available to the various channel sales teams automatically, providing the most up-to-date, compliant information.



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