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DivvyHQ Helps Streamline Content Planning And Production

c9b36217718a1a9791a8083795e7a589_XLThe Problem: Content marketing has become a must-have for all B2B organizations and channel players. But with rising content marketing budgets comes a series of challenges related to content planning and execution. As research from the Content Marketing Institute notes, the top challenges for modern marketers include creating engaging (50%), consistent (44%) or a variety of content (40%).

The Solution: DivvyHQ is a cloud-based content planning and production workflow tool designed to help marketers and content producers plan and execute their content marketing initiatives in a streamlined fashion.

The solution combines web-based calendars, content management and online collaboration services that position content teams to better ideate, manage, schedule and produce content projects. Through the DivvyHQ dashboard, users can view task lists, current ongoing projects and recent activity by content team members.

The solution is designed to help marketers produce a variety of content, including:

  • Blog posts;
  • Email;
  • News releases;
  • Podcasts;
  • E-books;
  • Webinars; and
  • Video content.

Current integrations include Facebook and Twitter, as well as the ability to publish content on company websites and blogs. Other integrations with various social networks, CMS platforms and other distribution options are planned for the imminent future.

The Perks: The tool’s content publishing capabilities position users to post social content and images without having to leave the DivvyHQ platform. The “Parking Lot” feature is designed to help content teams store ideas for future projects and eventually execute on these ideas. DivvyHQ is designed to encrypt network traffic between components to increase security and keep content assets secure.



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