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ContentMX Mobile App Enables Seamless Content Sharing

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The Problem:
Companies often struggle with creating and sharing enough content to sustain a successful content marketing strategy to and through their partner networks. Some channel enablement solutions focus on distributing vendor content to partner sites, while others are simply tools that give partners the ability to run their own marketing programs.  

The Solution: The ContentMX solution puts it all together, combining vendor contributed content, third-party content sources, and original content written specifically for each partner into a robust, integrated marketing platform. The ContentMX Publisher mobile app complements its content marketing and partner enablement platform, providing a true “from anywhere” approach. Employees can easily find and publish content to their web site, blogs, social media and email newsletters, all from their mobile device.

At the simplest level, users can take a photo, add an original description and share it. Content can be identified and posted immediately or scheduled from a variety of sources including blogs, video channels, search results, Facebook and Twitter feeds, LinkedIn groups and more.

The Perks: Vendors can recommend content to partners and add pieces to a content library. Partners are notified when new assets are added. The mobile app offers a variety of features, including: Photo sharing with compliance; content curation and localization through a reseller channel; contribution of localized content to a web site; and the ability to watch for and respond to social media discussions and group posts.  

The ContentMX Publisher app is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets, and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play



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