Channel Marketer Report


NSK America Minimizes Grind Of Sharing Sales/Marketing Materials With New Enablement Platform

NSK America Corporation has launched a sales enablement and marketing automation platform to provide additional support to its independent manufacturing representatives, direct sales force and its authorized distributor network.

The company is a subsidiary of NSK Nakanishi, a global manufacturer of dental and medical tools as well as machine tool spindles, high-speed motors, and micro-grinders for industrial and manufacturing companies.

The marketing automation platform, a Brand Wings solution, is an intuitive cloud portal that allows NSK’s sales reps to access, update, and share product information with customers anytime from anywhere. NSK’s key objective is to provide its sales teams with speed and efficiency, thus giving them more time for customer-facing sales activities.

Prior to the Brand Wings implementation, NSK’s sales team were challenged to retrieve the right assets when they needed them. Updated marketing content was scattered throughout the network and was difficult for sales reps to find. When they finally captured the desired asset, sales reps could not easily customize it.

The Brand Wings solution organizes all digital assets into a centralized brand asset management portal. Presentations, case studies, documents, and images are all accessible and customizable. Sales reps are able to quickly make brand-approved edits on the fly. With this control and simplicity, the platform provides an efficient way to communicate to the entire sales team about new marketing content, new product introductions, and more.

“The ability to quickly, easily and seamlessly manage all our NSK digital brand assets in a 24/7 portal allows for greater asset engagement with customization for use by our sales reps,” said Mike Gabris, Industrial Sales Manager of NSK America Corporation. “Brand Wings is a game changer in enabling our sales and marketing teams, making it simple to retrieve, customize, and share the right document.” 

With the Brand Wings’ advanced analytics, the NSK team can view which marketing content is being used by sales reps and how, insights that provide the marketing team with the knowledge to develop more relevant and impactful assets for the future.