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SAP To Celebrate New Year With New Digital Campaign Hub

To help its channel partners keep New Year resolutions to be more effective marketers, SAP will be throwing the switch on a new digital marketing campaign hub in 2022. The new tool, which will be fully integrated into SAP’s partner portal, was designed to accommodate partner requests for less friction in the discovery and use of marketing materials.

“Starting in January, all of our partners who have access to the portal will now have access to the digital marketing campaign hub,” said Katie Spence, Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing. SAP partners had become vocal about having all of the company’s marketing and sales content for a solution, initiative, or an event in one place on the portal. “And so that’s exactly what we’ve done with the digital marketing campaign hub,” she said.

The tool enables easy searches and then downloads of all content related to specified topics in the partner’s preferred language.

Because a growing number of partners are making investment in their own marketing automation tools — especially email platforms – the digital marketing campaign hub is not equipped with those capabilities. What we found is a very large percentage of our partners — almost 70% — have invested in some type of marketing automation solution. In the digital world in which we’re living, content is the tsar,” she said. Partners wanted SAP “to invest, go deep on impactful content that can help them create leads, fill their pipeline, and generate revenue. So that’s the purpose and the goal. And in the meantime, we’re delivering a sweet partner experience with the new hub.”

Evangelizing Digital Marketing

Katie Spence, Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, SAP

Spence commented that the investment partners are making in their own marketing capabilities can be credited partially to the company’s evangelizing of digital marketing. Under the umbrella of the company’s demand acceleration program, partners were encouraged to build critical marketing skills; they were provided the necessary tools and resources to build their brand; and ultimately generate demands and build pipeline.

“We offer skills building, programs initiatives, and tools to help partners get smart on digital marketing. Everything from the partner who’s just dipping their toe in the water to a large sophisticated multi-regional partner who’s got the automation, who’s collaborating with sales, who’s connecting their lead generation with their sales and opportunity management tools,” said Spense. “We have something from a skills-building program for everybody along that journey. The digital marketing campaign hub is just a piece of our overall strategy.”

SAP will compare activity in the new digital marketing campaign hub against current baselines on traffic, consumption and adoption. “We certainly have a historical view on consumption and launch data from the virtual agency platform form. We tracked it very closely when we had our virtual agency platform, and we’ll continue to do that.”

The new hub has been designed to provide SAP’s channel marketing organization with robust analytics about partner visits including who’s using the platform, and which materials are being downloaded or clicked on. “All of the traffic and consumption information is now readily available at our fingertips,” said Spence. “No more custom reporting, and laying out the parameters, and going to have custom reports developed. We’re able to leverage all of the analytics in reporting capabilities and dashboards that already exist on our partner portal to get our information.”