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Uniphore Funds Agency Support For Partners To Boost Co-Marketing Initiatives

Uniphore, a conversational automation solutions provider, has launched a program to enable value-driven collaboration and cross-selling with independent software vendors (ISV).

Late last year, the company rolled out its Unite Partner Program to provide end-to-end support to the partner lifecycle. The new Unite App Alliance Partner Program takes the offering a step further by allowing expanded collaboration and complementary co-selling among participating ISVs.

The program will enable Uniphore to create a better customer experience by providing information on a broader set of complementary solutions. Simultaneously, joint marketing activities with participating ISVs – with whom Uniphore may share an ideal client profile — will help the company promote its solutions to customers in new markets, industry segments or regions.

The new program, which prioritizes a partner-sensitive approach to the development of customer-focus content, provides several co- and joint-marketing opportunities. The company is careful to understand each partner’s current level of marketing activity, what the partner sees as successful and is comfortable doing. “When we bring on a new app alliance partner, we sit down together and with our agency to work on joint messaging and positioning,” said Melissa Hadley, Uniphore’s Director, Partner Enablement.

The global marketing agency that supports the Unite Partner Program will work with Uniphore and App Alliance partners to create shared messaging, a press release and joint collateral – at no cost to the ISV. The company may also provide additional funding for campaign execution.

Reaching agreement on shared themes has become easier as more partners recognize the value of providing customers with messaging that addresses business challenges. “I think it’s well understood that companies should be providing thought leadership,” said Hadley. “You’re not repeating your brand over and over. You’re talking about what the customers are looking for. What are they trying to solve? What’s happening in the industry?” Emphasizing collaboration on a shared message is “an ideal way to get started for sure.” she affirmed.

Partner response to the new program has been enthusiastic. “A lot of companies need help in the marketing space,” said Hadley. Even those partners that have dedicated marketing staff see the value of working with a marketing agency. “There’s a lot you can do today in digital media with just a few people. But what we provide with the agency are experts in every area of marketing — in search engine optimization, technical writing, campaign execution. There’s something different about having the power of a full-blown marketing agency behind you.”

In addition to content and campaign creation, partners have access to the Unite Partner Helpdesk, as well as the partner portal where they can access all sales and marketing materials.