MX Launches Robust Partner Portal To Support Fast-Growing Channel Network

MX, a leader in open finance solutions, has launched a new partner portal to support its expanding channel ecosystem. In June, the company announced that it had doubled the number of fintech partners in its MX Partner Network in the past year alone.

The new MX Partner Portal provides partners with a one-stop-shop where they can find resources to maximize their relationship with MX, including go-to-marketing resources such as training and enablement, marketing and support.

Built on the Impartner platform, the MX Partner Portal was designed with input from the company’s partners, said Corinne Bartow, VP of Business Development. “We consulted partners and invited a select group to try the beta version. Partners asked for tracking mechanisms, portfolio analytics, knowledge sharing data base & best practices.” Partners also requested automated workflows that would trigger email introductions and reminders, for example, to make their jobs easier, she said.

The company’s channel staff was also involved in determining the PRM system that would best meet the needs of both MX and its partners, Bartow said. “Based on this discovery, MX selected a tool that would optimize and streamline the process of passing referrals — both from the partner to MX and the inverse — as well as processing sales order forms to manage orders received through reseller partners. To ensure an optimal launch of this new portal, MX created a cross-departmental working group that included members from Partnerships, Sales Operations, and Marketing.” 

The MX portal will be regularly refreshed with new content for partners. Materials include thought leadership content such as webinar recordings, research reports, and white papers, as well as sales enablement assets such as product sheets and solution overviews. “Over the past year MX has expanded its content and marketing teams and plans to leverage many of the assets created by this team and curate it specifically to meet the needs of partners in the partner portal,” Bartow said.

Customized Partner Experience

Customizing partner experience was a priority. The portal can be personalized based on the type of partnership the partner has with MX. It can also support the delivery of customized content for specific accounts as needed. 

“What’s more,” added Bartow, “the portal allows them to view portfolio analytics, use a joint business planning tool, and gain access to MX support. These resources and tools are updated regularly and encourage partners to return to the portal.”

The MX Partnerships team plans to continue to add new features and content to develop and add value to the partner portal – for example, training courses and certifications. 

MX is striving to make the partner portal the one-stop-shop for resources partners need to maximize their partnership with MX. By logging into the portal, they will be able to stay up-to-date on upcoming events, view on-demand recordings, and read reports that highlight findings and insights drawn from MX’s original research.