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Socialize Your Stuff Helps Companies Drive Thought Leadership Via Social Digests

The Problem: Sales come from the conversations sales and marketing teams have with customers. Now more than ever, industry analysts and executives are pointing to social networks to initiate those conversations and build those relationships. In order to get those conversations started, companies need high value content and a way to remind prospects and current customers that this content is available for them to engage with. Vendors are looking for ways to help create conversations for their partners; similarly, partners need help in content development due to limited time and resources. Although vendors may have content assets that their partners need and can use effectively, they need an efficient way to put resources in partners’ reach for seamless distribution.

The Solution: The Socialize Your Stuff platform was designed to provide a complete vendor/partner platform that allows vendors to share social content with partners (e.g., ready made Facebook updates, tweets, and blog posts). Content can then be circulated through partners’ social networks and to their email list of customers and prospects as a weekly social digest. By utilizing social digests via email, both vendors and their partners can build engagement and be seen as market thought leaders; thus, increasing likelihood the prospects will be turned into customers. Social promotions, group deals and detailed reports also allow partners to identify, segment and further target their most loyal and influential customers.

 The Perks: Vendors and their partner networks have a vast and untapped opportunity to capture and engage their target audience via social networks and blogs. The Socialize Your Stuff platform — called Butterfly Publisher — was designed to provide a social content management system that connects vendors and partners in a synergistic way. Social content flows seamlessly from vendor to partner and vice-versa. Partners can easily self-enroll in this marketing program making it easy for vendors to simply deploy and measure results.





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