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MarketSnare Helps Multi-Location Marketers Amplify Local Presence

The Problem:
Creating and managing an effective network of local web sites costs more in time and money than most multi-location businesses are willing — or often able — to invest. Typical roadblocks to realizing the benefits of local web sites include having to continually: Generate unique local content; manage technology updates throughout the entire network; search engine optimize for high local visibility in each market; and assure brand consistency, coordinated promotions, and legal compliance across the channel.

The Solution: MarketSnare is an enterprise-level, technology-based platform that simplifies and makes the implementation and management of multiple local web sites more cost efficient for businesses. The solution was designed for businesses of all sizes — including national brand advertisers and not-for-profit organizations — that have a network of dealers, franchises, retailers, or other types of affiliates.

 MarketSnare provides multi-location marketers with:

  • A single, centralized network command center where parent organizations have complete control over administrative access, network-wide brand consistency and content updates;
  • The flexibility for parent organizations to grant varying degrees of local control to partners;
  • Powerful search engine optimization tools to manage organic search visibility network-wide;
  • Tools to efficiently manage timely, coordinated, network-wide multichannel campaigns; and
  • A new level of marketing performance and visibility measurement.

The Perks: MarketSnare’s combination of features enable multi-location marketers to reap the benefits of exceptional local visibility, higher conversion rates, coordinated multichannel campaigns, and more detailed marketing performance measurements across all local markets.



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