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Transition Networks Implements Co-op/MDF Solution From Computer Market Research

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 7.39.39 PMTransition Networks, a company that designs and manufactures copper to fiber media converters for a broad range of network environments, is using the Co-op/MDF solution from Computer Market Research to manage trade promotions and other channel marketing activities.

Despite new innovation in technology, many co-op and MDF programs are still managed manually via spreadsheets, faxes and phone calls. Web-based software and solutions, such as that of Computer Market Research, help automate functions, reduce overhead costs and the overall risk of human error. 

The Co-op/MDF software is supported on PartnerPortal, a channel management platform that gives end-users more immediate control over modules such as deal registration, requests, prior approvals and claims.

 “We’re eager to get Transition Networks up and running on our enhanced Co-op platform, PartnerPortal,” said Emily Pendergast, Project Manager at Computer Market Research. “The flexibility we now offer is completely changing the way these programs are managed. We’re eager to see how Transition Networks responds to these new functionalities. Not only will they have a new Co-op portal, but they will have the ability to shape their program as it evolves over time.”



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