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Intelligent Channel Rebate And Incentive Management: Helping Meet The ‘New Normal’ For Tech Manufacturers

By Chanan Greenberg, SVP and GM of High Tech, Model N Despite the current economic situation, an economic recovery will occur. For B2B high tech companies, it will likely be a gradual recovery that begins late in 2020 and gains speed in the middle of next year. But for now, sales have slowed across many […]

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Improved Channel Visibility, Accelerated Processes Could Minimize Revenue Leakage

C-suite executives struggle to achieve effective revenue management, losing billions of dollars through revenue leakage, according to a survey by Model N, a provider of cloud revenue management solutions. Some 75% of the respondents believe they “leave money on the table” and must do better. According to Model N’s 2020 State of Revenue report, 82% […]

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Investments In Channel Programs Lag Despite Measurable Impact On Revenue

While the 2020 State of the Partner Ecosystem report by Crossbeam, a collaborative data platform provider, clearly confirmed that partner programs have a measurable impact on vendor revenue, it also indicated that many companies are not fully supporting their channel initiatives. More than 90% of the respondents to the survey said partnerships have measurable impact on […]

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It’s Time to Get Better Returns on Your Channel Capital Investments

By Ted Dimbero, Co-founder and Senior VP Services and M&A, Zyme Selling through indirect channels can sometimes feel like the blind leading the blind. Resale partners’ sales and supply data are available, but much of it is manually collected, months old and plagued with errors. Companies that leverage channel sales compensate for these inefficiencies with large […]

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