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The atEvent Check-In App Turns Attendees To Opportunities

The Problem: 
Traditionally, leads generated at events have been unqualified and lack context. As a result, vendors and partners struggle to understand which prospects are ready to have detailed sales conversations, and which are simply looking for more content and information. 

The Solution: The atEvent Check-In app solves these problems by allowing event staff to include event and prospect intelligence in the lead, including topics discussed and specific follow-up actions so that the sales force can nurture leads in a more impactful way.

This app can be used offline to enable staff to use the system events where there is no connectivity, or if connections are spotty.

The configuration option supports the addition of customized topics and follow-up actions based the configuration of the company’s marketing automation. The app also provides the ability to capture information outside of the marketing automation system’s configured fields.

The Check-In app enables marketers to check in event attendees, capture discussion topics and follow-up actions, and upload the information to their marketing automation and CRM systems in real time.

This app enables real-time prospect follow-up, lead retrieval and profile building by connecting a company’s event marketing efforts to its marketing automation and lead nurturing systems.

Users can access real-time analytics and the prospect’s response history is automatically updated in the company’s CRM or marketing automation system. All data is stored securely and transmitted over a secure layer.

The Perks: The atEvent Check-In app is fully integrated with the most widely used marketing automation and CRM systems, including, Marketo, Eloqua and Aprimo.

The app is built in HTML5 and requires no download. It is optimized for 10- and 7-inch iOS and Android tablets on Safari or Chrome browsers. Selected Windows 8 tablets are also supported using the Chrome browser.



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