CA Technologies Announces New Advantage Partner Program

CA Technologies announces new partner programCA Technologies announced its new CA Advantage Partner Program last month. Reflecting partners’ desires for simplicity, profitability, protection and competitive differentiation, the program evolution is driven by CA’s strategic aim to accelerate growth through focused route-to-market strategies, while delivering exceptional experiences for CA Partners.

The new program introduces two new partner levels, Focus and Global, demonstrating CA’s investment in strategic partners who are mutually willing to invest in CA’s business. The Focus and Global partners will join CA’s partner community, which includes partners across the Premier, Advanced and Member levels.

Strategic partners who can execute within a framework for revenue commitment and expectations will be invited to join the program. Partners will be required to meet more stringent business plan requirements and higher thresholds. CA will provide expanded benefits to support their evolving business models.

Focusing on the entire partner experience, the program CA was designed to ensure that partners could easily understand the benefits and rewards tied to profitability and protection for their investment in opportunity pursuit.

The new CA Advantage Partner Program is simplified, with richer benefits and focused route-to-market strategies. For the first time ever, CA will provide differentiation in rewards by allowing partners to choose their performance rewards as either business development funds, or rebates.

New Partner Experience Platform

The program offers a variety of demand generation initiatives to help partners grow their business. These initiatives are supported by a new partner experience platform that provides partners better access to assets needed to create integrated marketing programs aligned to specific solutions. The platform, built on Webinfinity technology,  also features a self-service campaign management tool with pre-built co-branded campaigns.

To encourage partners to strengthen their skills and expertise around CA capabilities, CA will provide a higher level of reward to partners who choose business development funds, which can be used toward:

  • Training and enablement courses and certifications
  • Customized CA training
  • In-company awareness events, contests and materials for practice development
  • Deal development activities, such as proof of concepts to help drive sales

“We’ve built partnering into our DNA at CA, so it was crucial for us to engage our partners around the globe to understand and address their unique business challenges,” said John Eldh, senior vice president, Global Partner and Digital Sales, CA Technologies, in a press release. “The redesigned CA Advantage Partner Program reflects their significant input with a framework and new benefits that ensure profitable and sustainable growth for both partners and CA. Our mission is to leverage our joint resources to deliver value and exceptional experiences for our customers.”

More information about the CA Advantage Partner Program is available here.



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