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Zyme Powers Up CDM Platform; Boosts Data Accuracy, Accelerates Processing, Strengthens Analytics

Zyme logoZyme has announced major enhancements to its channel data management (CDM) platform, zyme cloud platform 3.0. The new features and enhancements provide greater channel data accuracy and processing speeds, more powerful analytics capabilities and additional tools to enable enterprises to optimize and grow partner networks.

Even though trillions of dollars of revenue flow through global indirect sales channels each year, many companies struggled to get enough visibility to make meaningful improvements to their channel processes, said Zyme. Without access to accurate and timely data on partners, end-customers and specific transactions from the channel, enterprises are forced to make crucial business decisions without sufficient information.

Zyme’s CDM platform transforms raw channel data into decision-grade intelligence using proprietary technologies and rich content libraries. It enables companies to generate actionable intelligence that is seamlessly integrated into a range of different business processes – from marketing to inventory management to sales – making channel sales more efficient.

Fast, Accurate Channel Data

The latest version of Zyme’s CDM cloud platform delivers faster data processing with greater accuracy.  This accelerates efforts by decision makers to identify market opportunities and partners, better target end-customers, generate demand and find the right path to market, stated Zyme in a press release.

Zyme’s TrueID and TruePay engines, and the comprehensive databases of channel partners, retailers, products and locations, work in tandem to enable its customers to achieve the highest level of channel data accuracy.

With 20/20 channel visibility, Zyme customers can accurately, and quickly assign sales and territory credits and pay out sales commissions – key to motivating channel sales teams.

Zyme’s TruePay engine enables vendors to motivate their channel partners by processing trillions of transactions in a few hours to accurately calculate rebates, loyalty points and other incentives.

Enhanced Analytics and New Product Capabilities Lower Costs

Zyme has also added new data analytics and visualization capabilities to its platform to enable companies to further reduce the costs of channel sales. Its Advanced Integrity Analytics capabilities automatically highlight incorrect data submissions, grey market activities, unusual inventory build-up or potential stock-outs, empowering manufacturers to resolve these issues before they become expensive problems.

The company also upgraded its zymeIncentives product to manage manufacturers’ special pricing agreements (SPA) and ship & debit (S&D) programs, which require fast and accurate data about end-customers to avoid over-payments or disputes.

A new analytics and data visualization capability, zapDiscovery, gives users the flexibility to build and consume self-serve analytics alongside Zyme’s best practices and guided analytics dashboards. Customers can now define their own data visualizations based on their unique needs to uncover new ways to streamline channel processes and eliminate unnecessary costs.

The enhanced Zyme platform also streamlines data sharing, which helps to promote the strategic value of CDM to partners.  Zyme’s Data Network Support service offers channel partners and manufacturers live support to deal with last-mile data quality challenges, including changes in the format of data submissions, additions and removals of partners in the network or incomplete data feeds.

With the opening of new partner-focused service centers in Belfast, Ireland, and Austin, Texas, Zyme now has four data network support centers to provide high-touch services in 15 languages across all time zones.

Acquires Foster MacCallum

In other news, Zyme announced that it has acquired Foster MacCallum, a UK-based channel marketing and sales consulting firm. With Foster MacCallum, Zyme offers professional services to help global technology manufacturing companies optimize their partner performance.

“With the latest upgrades to the Zyme CDM platform and the addition of new professional services and support, Zyme continues to lead a transformation in channel sales that enables companies to increase revenues with smaller investments,” said Zyme VP of Customer Solutions Ashish Shete. “Global enterprises are increasingly waking up to the enormous value that they can unlock by optimizing channel performance, and we look forward to bringing these benefits to an even larger customer base.”

Learn more about Zyme’s enhanced CDM platform here.



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